About Me

Charles Wall

Colorado Springs Realtor Charles Wall smiling with white background

I believe specialization is the key to innovation and efficiency and that human connection is the foundation for happiness and success. 

 Passion | Relationships | Specialization

Passion can be expressed through many outlets. For me, it is through building connections and helping others grow and achieve their goals. Every day I strive to guide individuals and families into their ideal homes because after all,  a home is much more than a large financial investment, it is a base camp in which you start all of your adventures and where you store your memories. 

A bit about myself: 

  • Everything beer! I love growing the ingredients, brewing it, sharing with friends, and of course, drinking it. 
  • I originate from the Mid-West. Born and raised in Missouri, I have a special place in my heart for Imo’s pizza, toasted ravioli, and the deliciously-sweet Kansas City BBQ. 
  • I am an aquarium enthusiast. Designing & maintaining 100% live aquariums with their own ecosystems, is one of my favorite creative outlets.
  • Home Improvement / Landscaping: Why not make your base camp more beautiful and usable?

Something not many people know about me is that I am an avid treasure hunter. Many weekends when I have free time, I will make the trek up to Goodwill or ARC to find new hidden treasures. Many things I find I keep for myself, many of them I resell, either way, it is a great way to spend a weekend! 

I am a realtor with a degree in real estate, finance, and economics. I have worked for The Boeing Company as a procurement agent for over three years. I have held many negotiations with major airlines and Boeing suppliers. I am a member of the National Association of Realtors, an active member of our local Toastmasters Club, and an active member of our community through volunteering opportunities.

Let me help guide you through your quest of finding a home or selling your current one. 


(719) 400-9413




To provide home buyers and sellers in the Colorado Springs area with the tools and expertise to get the most out of their real estate endeavors. 


Buying or Selling your home should be an experience free of high-pressure negotiations, sales tactics, and manipulation. A clear mind makes the best decisions, and that is what I’ll provide you.